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    Business University
    Aligning Your Pesonal and Business Goals
    In Partnership with the Community College Workforce Alliance:


    Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA)
    Midlothian Campus of John Tyler Community College
    800 Charter Colony Pkwy - Eliades Hall – Room 202
    Midlothian, VA 23114

    Thursday Sessions - March 21 and March 28
    Tuesday Sessions - April 9 and April 16
    6:00 pm - 9:15 pm

    Online: https://ccwatraining.org/BusinessU
    By Fax: (804) 897-7617
    By Mail: Fill out and mail the registration form on page 7
    with your check or credit card information to:

    Community College Workforce Alliance
    P. O. Box 677
    Midlothian, VA  23113-0677

    Tuition is $99, which includes one workbook. Advance registration and prepayment are required.

    Questions: Call (804) 523-2292 or email CCWA at trainer@ccwa.vccs.edu

    Please contact me if you have any questions as well as confirm you have registered.

    Course Information:

    Financial decision making for business owners
    As a business owner, your time is consumed with building a better, more profitable and hopefully
    more valuable business. Unfortunately, that often means deferring many important personal financial
    decisions to the future.
    This course will help you understand the various business and personal financial decisions that
    should be incorporated into your long-term thinking. Most importantly, you will gain a better
    understanding about steps you can take now to help provide a more financially secure future for
    yourself, your family, your business and your employees.
    Who should attend?
    The material presented in this course is designed for successful — and busy — business owners to
    refresh their understanding of key business financial concepts.
    Objective education and course textbook
    This course is for educational purposes only. Unlike financial seminars that focus on a specific
    topic, Business U is a comprehensive course to help you see the big picture. You’ll receive an
    in-depth course workbook with important information about business planning concepts and tools. The
    workbook is designed to follow the curriculum and serve as a reference tool in years to come.
    Insights and tools that make a difference
    By gaining relevant insight about important business and financial concepts, you will become an
    advocate for your own needs and be better positioned to utilize the expertise of your existing team
    of advisors. This course is intended to provide you with the stepping
    stones to move forward on a path to accomplishing your personal objectives.


    Section 1: Understanding your finances
    As a business owner, you face a unique blend of financial considerations. Some considerations are
    typical of all individuals thinking about the future and others are unique to you as a business
    owner. This section focuses on financial objectives, inflation, taxes, income and expense statements,
    and how your business affects your net worth.
    Section 2: Understanding your business
    In order to plan for the future of your business, you must have a sense of how your business is set
    up and what the implications of the business structure are. In this section, we will review the
    following business structures: sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and limited
    liability companies.
    Section 3: Business valuation
    In many cases, a business represents the most significant asset on a business owner’s personal
    financial statement. Unfortunately, the value of that asset can be difficult to determine. In this
    course, we will examine formal vs. informal valuations and compare three of the most common
    methodologies to value a business: market, asset and income  approaches.
    Section 4: Business continuation agreements
    A buy-sell agreement is sometimes referred to as a prenuptial agreement for a business.
    It is a legally binding agreement prepared by an attorney between the owners of a business that
    defines what will happen to each person’s ownership interest in the
    event of a specific life change. The most commonly addressed life changes are death, disability and
    Section 5: Employee compensation and benefits
    Many different forms of compensation and benefits can be provided to employees. Some are intended to
    be broad based and will apply to all employees. Other forms are designed for special groups of key
    employees, often referred to as highly compensated
    employees. What is the right combination of benefits for your company?

    Contact Information
    phone: (804) 330-0711
    Offer Valid: March 8, 2019April 9, 2019
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