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  • I would like to host two separate nights of Virtual Night of Meet the Candidates.  I am looking at September 24th and October 29th to hold these forums.  We will start the forums at 7:00 pm.  More details to follow.  The plan is to advertise the forums and get questions before the forum nights.  Not looking to have the questions to be asked live.  Just to filter what might get asked that might be inappropriate.  We are just trying to let our community and businesses know who you are and why they should vote for you.  Please contact me with any questions.  I would like to get a head shot of each of you so we can start getting the word out.  Good Luck to all of you. 

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  • Greg Kochuba
  • Mayor T. Gregory Kochuba

    Greg Kochuba served on City Council 2004-2008, 2012-2016 and was re-elected to City Council for a third term in November 2016. Greg was elected Mayor on January 2, 2015. 

    For 36+ years, Greg worked for the Department of Defense where he gained extensive experience in finance, budgeting, auditing and economic forecasting.  He is a graduate of King’s College, in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Greg is also a Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM). 

    As Mayor, Greg serves on the following boards, Capital Region Red Cross, Virginia Gateway Region, Richmond Regional Tourism, Crater Workforce Development and Colonial Heights Audit Committee.

    A resident of Colonial Heights area for 36 years, Greg is married to Lisa Hales Kochuba and they have three children, Katie & son-in-law Allen, Taylor & daughter-in-law Danielle, Christian & daughter-in-law Paxton, (All Colonial Heights High School Graduates).  In his spare time Greg likes to golf, workout, cook, landscape and spend time with his family.

  • Bobby Wade

    Robert W. “Bobby” Wade is a longtime resident of Colonial Heights, and married to Tereasa Ingo Wade
    for 25 years. They have two children Robbie Wade (Class of 1993) and Ryan Blair Martin (Class of
    2006), a son-in-law, Mark Martin (Class of 1998). Bobby graduated from Colonial Heights High School
    in 1971 and obtained an Associates in Insurance Claims, (AIC) for Commercial, Liability, Property &
    Contract Law from the University of Richmond. He has worked in insurance claims for 44 years as a
    Senior Claims Analyst, Claims Supervisor & Catastrophe Claim Manager. He is the founder of ClaimCo
    Services, Inc. and RWW Properties, LLC both in Colonial Heights. Bobby has three grandchildren;
    Lexie, Kaylee and Colton (Class of 2030). He loves spending time with his family.
    Bobby retired from the insurance industry in 2018. He is currently the Chairman of the Colonial Heights
    Economic Development Authority. A Commissioner on the Colonial Heights Planning Commission.
    Officer of the Colonial Heights Electoral Board. An active member of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.
    A United States Army Reserve Veteran and member of the American Legion Post 284.
    Mr. Wade’s vision is to tap into a younger demographic economic market for our city; for example, Fort
    Lee has (70,000) troops and support staff from where we can draw; as well as other market offerings
    surrounding the city. As chairman of the city’s Economic Development Authority (EDA), he
    recommended a needed change for higher end restaurants to accompany what we presently have. In the
    Planning Commission, he advocated for change in zoning of the Boulevard to include a more modern
    multi-use plan. With these changes, local business sales and services will increase along with growth
    opportunities for other businesses to locate here. He supports a strong economic view for the City of
    Colonial Heights as we move forward. It has been long enough that the financial burden has been placed
    on the citizens of the city. He is an advocate for making the city the “Economic Hub” for the tri-city area
    promoting “Better Business, Better Living”. We have the best schools, police, fire and EMS in the area
    as well as general municipal departments. Our strategic location offers easy access to I-95 with two
    dedicated exits which is a bonus where we can capitalize.
    I thank each and every one of my fellow citizens and neighbors for your support and vote. For more
    information, please visit my Facebook page, Wade for Colonial Heights City Council.
    Robert W. “Bobby” Wade
    “The Wise Choice”


  • Dan Ferguson
  • Dann P. Ferguson 
    Candidate for City Council dann.ferguson2858@gmail.com

    Dann Ferguson is a husband, father and grandfather who has been living in Colonial Heights for over nineteen years. He has never held a political office, but has a strong sense of public service in his life as a U.S. Air Force veteran, Emergency Communications Officer and a Police Officer over the last 35 years. He recently retired as a captain with the Colonial Heights Police Department; with 25 years of service. Dann Ferguson gained broad experience as a police captain by managing the planning, budgeting, public protection and criminal investigations in the daily operation of the police department.  
    Dann Ferguson has been actively involved in the Colonial Heights community. He feels being a member of the Colonial Heights City Council will give him the opportunity to bring about positive changes that will impact our city’s future. Dann Ferguson with strong work ethics and commitment is ready to handle the many challenges facing Colonial Heights.  

    * Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice
    * Graduate of the National Criminal Justice Command College – UVA
    * U.S. Air Force veteran
    * Jaycee’s Police Officer of the Year award
    * M.A.D.D. Police Officer of the Year award
    * Past member of the Colonial Heights Youth Advisory Committee
    * Started the Colonial Heights Project Lifesaver Program (currently in its 18​th​ year)
    * Member of the American Legion Post 284
    * Volunteer member of the Colonial Heights Auxiliary Police
  • Mike Cherry
  • Michael A. Cherry

    Michael Cherry was elected to council in 2017

    for the first time.

    He has been a resident in Colonial Heights

    since 2006.

    He is originally from Rocky Mount,

    North Carolina.

    He has been married to his wife, Teresa,

    for over 25 years and they have 2 children,

    Jonathan and Madison.  In his spare time he 

    likes to hunt, fish, and play golf. 

    Michael is a staff pastor at Life Church in South

    Chesterfield county. He serves there as the

    Administrator at Life Christian Academy. 

    He has two associate degrees, a Bachelors of

    Science in Religion from Liberty University

    and a Masters in Education from Regent University.

    Michael is retired from the USAF where he served

    as an aircraft load master on C-141 and C-17

    aircraft. His service to the country took him to 6 of

    the 7 continents and over 75 countries. He served

    in many capacities during his 20 year career

    including as the liaison from HQ Air Mobility

    Command to the Quartermaster Center and

    School at Fort Lee, Virginia. His vast experience

    in procurement and program management are a

    great benefit to him on council.

  • Laura Poe
  • Dr. Laura Poe


    I'm a longtime resident of Colonial Heights and have served on the City Council Advisory Board for over a decade. I would like to continue my service to our great city and be a voice for our citizens. During my tenure on the Advisory Board, I have worked to ensure that available charitable city funds were appropriated to organizations that provide direct support to improve the lives of our residents.  Additionally, I had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors for the Colonial Heights Food Pantry, a vital organization that directly impacts our residents in their most critical times of need.

    I have extensive leadership experience, both in large corporations and as a small business owner of a technology management consulting firm, providing services to both public and private sector clients.  I am currently a professor of Information Systems and Cyber Security at Longwood University.  I have previously taught at University of Richmond and Liberty University.

    The development of our youth is a passion of mine beyond the classroom, and I have served routinely over the years in youth ministry in addition to working with organizations, such as the Girl Scouts.

    We are facing many challenges across Virginia, and our city needs solidarity and strong leadership. As the spouse of a Colonial Heights City Police Officer, I know firsthand the challenges our first responders face and how important it is to support our public safety initiatives. I will work to ensure that our police and fire departments have the resources needed to maintain the high quality of services they provide to our community on a daily basis. Colonial Heights is a unique city, and I would like to preserve the small town values while continuing to strengthen our economic stability.


    Thank you for your support and your vote!

    Endorsed by Southside Virginia Association of Realtors



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  • Derward Rollinson

    My life began growing in Colonial Heights raised my Mom, Dad good parents my Dad little rough on me. He was on the police force for 44 yrs from Petersburg Police to Col Hghts in 1948. First seven Police in City Chief Elder new him well. My Mom worked Fort Lee, took two because my Dad said your policeman son your have work.At age 10 carried papers, cut grass hustled. So life moved on went to Military school yr, came back graduated Colonial Heights High School. Went to college worked saved money went, had to stop earn more income pay my way thru. Got Assoc degree in Business Admin, Associate degree in Dental Laboratory Technology. Went into the Dental field, went U S. Army Dental Core served 4yrs in military had wonderful time. Then got out of military, Colonel told me start my own business, He helped get me three dentists to do work for.. Prior to that worked for Dental Labs also. Stayed in that career for 32 yrs. Sold the business to my colleague, and friend worked for him one yr, and semi retired. Lot of stress in that business. Then took two months off never had that much time off, figure out what to do. Started const business had that lasted five yrs lost lot of income off job never paid the bill, even though had two contracts. One thing had in Favor was my Legal Shield membership paid my fees to go go to court, they sued me , but owed me. All dismissed, and later after lot of stress sold the business, too another contractor. Worked him about 1 to 2 yrs did Legal Shield part time. Doing this time took care of my elderly Mom, keep eye on her. In 2009 started Legal Shield Business full swing pushed hard to build it. Had two colleagues that helped me out to get there. Fred Duff, Scott Viette worked with me learned lot from them.. In 2012 ran council lost my small margin, my Mom health, going down. So had to focus on her , took care of her until her passing in 2014. Then cranked back up in Legal Shield. Would also Support our Police and EMS personal been involved with both areas.I'm also interested in City now is Business have retail, but no industry, need higher paying jobs, not minium wage. The city has plenty of empty buildings around to offer Business to come hear. The City would give an incentive to bring them in. Will keep taxes as low as we can , and help the Citizens in the City. In my work call on lot of companies in Chesterfield County high paying jobs, and revenue. It's time for a change in Colonial Heights move forward in 2020. So go Vote on Nov 3rd for your candidate, local and federal. Thanks Derward Rollison